Repair Service

We offer a repair service!

You will likely be asked to provide high-resolution in-focus photos of the top and bottom of the PCB, so be prepared.

We can usually repair flight controllers that have been damaged due to crashes or wiring/installation mishaps.

The repair service is 7.50EUR/hour + Parts + 5.30EUR return postage.  Most repairs cost less than 20EUR, once the faults are found a repair will be conducted if it's less than 20EUR, otherwise you'll be contacted first.  Payment to be made via PayPal once FC has been confirmed repaired. If a manufacturing fault is found then the repair is free.

A full QA test is conducted on repaired boards.

Successful repairs have included:

* Damaged gyros.
* Dead CPU.
* USB socket bent/broken/snapped.
* OSD dead.
* Regulators dead.
* Buttons broken.
* Connectors broken.
* More!

To request the repair service use the contact form and give as much information as possible, you'll be given an RMA form, RMA number and return address.  When returning the FC please ensure it can't suffer more damage in transit. We suggest using a tracked postal service as we can't be held responsible for items lost in the post.

Please do NOT attempt repairs yourself unless you are qualified, it also means that we cannot diagnose the root cause of the issue which in turn means more time and expense.

Be green!

If you killed your product, don't want a repair and would rather see it used for analysis/product development and recycling then you can return it to us using a non-tracked postal service should only cost the price of a stamp.

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