Green Soft-mount grommet set (M4 to M3)

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5x Soft-mount grommets for flight controllers in SP Racing / Cleanflight green!  The green is a really nice bright apple-green and really pops with colour.

These fit PCBs that have 4.0mm/M4 holes for use with 3.0mm/M3 bolts.

The slot in the side is 1.6mm and this works well for PCBs that are 1.0mm to 1.6mm thick.  Whenusing PCB's less than 1.6mm just compress the grommets a little to hold the PCB.

These grommets are not your standard soft-mount grommets, the slot is offset so you can raise or lower the PCB in your frame by turning the grommets upside down!

Suitable for the following SP Racing products:

* SP Racing H7 RF
* SP Racing H7 CL
* SP Racing H7 EF
* SP Racing H7 EXTREME
* SP Racing H7 NANO
* SP Racing H7 ZERO
* SP Racing Stacking VTX
* SP Racing F7 DUAL

Package contents:
* Set of 5 grommets

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