Green Soft-mount grommet set (M4 to M3)

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5x Soft-mount grommets for flight controllers in SP Racing / Cleanflight green!  The green is a really nice bright apple-green and really pops with colour.

These fit PCBs that have 4.0mm/M4 holes for use with 3.0mm/M3 bolts.

The slot in the side is 1.6mm and this works well for PCBs that are 1.0mm to 1.6mm thick.  Whenusing PCB's less than 1.6mm just compress the grommets a little to hold the PCB.

These grommets are not your standard soft-mount grommets, the slot is offset so you can raise or lower the PCB in your frame by turning the grommets upside down!

These work with the following SP Racing products.

SP Racing H7 NANO
SP Racing H7 ZERO
SP Racing H7 RF
SP Racing Stacking VTX
SP Racing F7 DUAL

Package contents:
* Set of 5 grommets

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