SP Racing Stacking VTX Board (Without VTX Module)

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SPRacing Stacking VTX Board stacks on top of your SPRacing FC to give you a wire-free connection between your FC and VTX.  Simplify your VTX mounting solution by using your frame's existing FC mounting holes.

* Has space to install RTC6705 module (FX758-2-SPI) or TBS Unify Pro.
* Has space to install FrSKY XM+ Full Range Diversity Receiver

See photos for VTX module mounting.

SPRacing Stacking VTX Board Package Contents:

* Stacking VTX Board (without VTX module)
* 4x Rubber Grommets
* 2x Male 2-pin very low profile stacking connectors (install in VTX board)
* 1x Male 4-pin A/V stacking connector (install in VTX board)
* 2x Female 2-pin very low profile stacking connectors (install in FC board)
* 1x Female 4-pin A/V stacking connector (install in FC board)

See SPRacingF7DUAL / SPRacingH7EXTREME manual for installation instructions.

Compatible with:

* SPRacingF7DUAL

IMPORTANT: Don't forget to add optional pigtail cable or SMA/RP-SMA jack plugs and the VTX module to your order if you need them.

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