SP Racing H7 NANO

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SP Racing H7 NANO
SP Racing H7 NANO

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    H7 NANO-S / NANO-E

    The SP Racing H7 NANO features the awesome new H7 CPU running at 400Mhz, has 128MByte flash for firmware and blackblox flight logging, the awesome 32Khz capable ICM-20602 gyro connected via SPI, 6 serial ports, 8 motor outputs, transponder and led outputs, 2xDAC outputs, 3xADC inputs and a 2-6S BECTechnical Specification.

    For an awesome OSD experience pair the H7 NANO with a VTX that has BetaFlight OSD support such as:

    * The TBS Unify EVO VTX/OSD.
    * The DJI Air Unit. (Enable 'Custom OSD' in DJI goggle menus).
    * Any other VTX that uses the BF MSP/OSD support via a UART port.

    With a suitable VTX you get all the usual OSD features you'd find in a Betaflight/Cleanflight OSD.

    STM32 H7 400Mhz CPU (1MB Ram, 128k flash)
    128MByte Flash (for firmware, config and Blackbox logging, 4-bit QuadSPI not 1-bit SPI)
    ICM-20602 Gyro (SPI with separate interrupt signal, 32khz capable)
    2-6S 5V BEC
    Battery Voltage Monitoring
    3x ADC (RSSI, Current + 1x Spare)
    TVS Protection Diode (fitted on NANO-E)
    500ma 3.3v VREG for Gyros, with gyro noise filter capacitors.
    IR transponder circuitry
    Buzzer circuitry
    RSSI (Analog only)
    8 motor outputs (4 available on connector or pads, 4 more on pads only)
    2x SPI breakout onto 12 pin stacking connector
    6 Serial Ports (5x TX & RX, 1x TX-only bi-directional for telemetry)
    Status Led
    LED strip support (with well-placed connection pads).
    Boot pads
    Bind/User pads
    Receiver ports (all usual CF/BF protocols, no inverter needed)
    USB with OTG capability (ID and VBUS connected to CPU)
    IO1 2xUART + I2C port (NANO-E only)
    IO2 UART+SWD debugging port (NANO-E only)
    2x DAC outputs (NANO-S only)
    Solder-from-top design.
    Firmware: Betaflight 4.x+
    Designed by Dominic Clifton, the guy that created Cleanflight.!

    The H7 NANO-S is the single-sided version, with no connectors or cables.

    H7 NANO-S package contents:

    * H7 NANO-S FC.
    * TVS protection diode.
    * 4 soft-mount grommets.

    The H7 NANO-E is the double-sided version, with connectors and TVS diode pre-installed and cables supplied.

    H7 NANO-E package contents:

    * H7 NANO-E FC.
    * TVS protection diode.
    * 4 soft-mount grommets.
    * 2x 8 way JST-SH cables (for IO).
    * 2x 6 way Picboblade cables (for RX and 4in1 ESC).

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