SP Racing H7 ZERO

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SP Racing H7 ZERO

The SPRacingH7ZERO flight controller features a 400Mhz H7 CPU that runs twice as fast as the previous generation F7 boards.  A fast control-loop is what you need for perfect flight performance, the H7 at 400Mhz gives you all the processing power you need.

The SPRacingH7ZERO has integrated OSD (on-screen-display), BMP388 barometer, BEC, 8 motor outputs, SD card and on-board 128MB flash for logging.

The SPRacingH7ZERO sits in the middle of the SPRacingH7 series of FCs.  It is designed for those not needing the PDB/PID-Audio/DualGyro/Microphone/Transponder/Current Sensor features of the SPRacingH7EXTREME. 

The SPRacingH7ZERO is super easy to wire up when using either seperate ESCs or 4in1 ESCs.  The entire back of the board is flat and has large solder pads for battery, rx, camera, vtx, motor signals, rssi, etc.

The FC features two logging choices, both of which are better and faster than seen anywhere else.  Either use the onboard 128MB flash chip or use the MicroSD card socket.  Both the flash chip and the SD Card are connected directly to the CPU using a separate parallel bus technologies (QSPI 4bit and SDIO 4bit respectively).  Other FC's either have small slow serial flash chips or SPI connected SD Card.  Using parallel bus technologies further decreases the load on the already-fast new H7 CPU!  Low CPU load = faster response, even with all the peripherals and logging enabled.

The FC has the new BMP388 barometer sensor, which is smaller, more accurate and less sensitive to drift than previous baros,  if you want altitude related features the BMP388 is a must!  Combine the H7 ZERO with an external GPS receiver for 3D positional data.

The FC has 3 voltage regulators, one regulator for 2-6S LiPo battery support. One dedicated to the gyros and one for the CPU and other peripherals.

We know that at some point you will crash your flying machine, that's why this board is a solder-from-top design.  All the connections can be made from the top of the board, which means you don't have to take much of your frame apart to get to the solder pads which makes replacing a wire easy!  It also means when building your model you can cut your wires to the right length for optimum installation.  Never wire up an FC with motor pads on the bottom again!

What receivers? How many motors?  The H7 ZERO has a crazy amount of I/O support.  Seriously!  It has dedicated support for 8 motor outputs.  Receiver wise, well the SP Racing H7 ZERO has 6 serial ports so you can easily connect a telemetry receiver, bluetooth, gps, ESC telemetry and SmartAudio - crazy cool!  The H7 serial ports are all software invertable, no external inverters or wiring hacks required.  All the main serial based receivers and supported and new protocols are constantly being added.  If you really wanted to, you could even use old-school PPM or 8 channel PWM receivers, not that we recommend that these days of course.

OSD, yep it has the standard character-based OSD you probably already know about.  The OSD supports very configurable layouts, gives you all the important data-points you might want to see on-screen, such as battery voltage, consumption, flight time, altitude, pilot-name, etc.  There's also an on-screen configuration menu to let you adjust your settings in the field without a computer.

For VTX connections the SPRacingH7ZERO features the usual Betaflight VTX systems including SmartAudio (with smart-audio jumper), IRC Tramp, etc.  If your VTX supports a "Real-Pit" control input then you can use the PINIO betaflight feature and a deficated IO pin instead of SmartAudio/IRC Tramp/etc.

Camera? Connect your FPV camera to the camera port to allow the OSD image to be overlaid onto your FPV video stream.  The camera port (solder pads or picoblade connector) also has Camera OSD control to allow the camera's own OSD menu to be controlled via your transmitter sticks so you can adjust your camera to suit the lighting conditions of your flying zone.

The on-board 128MByte flash chip is for code-storage AND for logging. The H7 can execute code directly from RAM, onboard-flash and the flash-chip so no need to worry about the H7 being unsupported any time soon like the older F1/F3 CPUs, especially considering how awesome the CPU is.

Finally, the flight control firmware can be loaded or flashed from SD card!  Yes, another world first for a CF/BF flight-controller.  Format your card as usual and simply place the firmware on the card.  Simple, no DFU driver issues.

Technical Specification.

STM32 H7 400Mhz CPU (1MB Ram, 128k flash)
128MByte Flash (for firmware, config and Blackbox logging, 4-bit QuadSPI not 1-bit SPI)
Single ICM20602 Gyro (SPI, with interrupt signals, 32khz capable)
BMP388 Baro (I2C + interrupt)
OSD (dedicated SPI)
SD Card (4-bit SDIO not 1-bit SPI)
2-6S BEC
TVS Protection Diode
Dedicated 500ma VREG for sensors and SD card with extra filter capacitors.
Second 500mA VREG for CPU and other peripherals.
Buzzer circuitry
RSSI analog input
Current sensor input
8 motor outputs.
6 Serial Ports (5x TX & RX, 1x TX-only bi-directional for telemetry)
3 Leds for 5V, 3V and status.
LED strip support (with well-placed connection pads).
Boot Button (Side press)
Bind/User Button (Side press)
Receiver pads (all usual CF/BF protocols, no inverter needed)
CAM OSD control and Video IN on CAM socket.  CAM OSD or Audio-In selectable by jumper.
Video OUT + Audio OUT on VTX socket.
USB with OTG capability (ID and VBUS connected to CPU)
SWD debugging port.
Bootable from SD Card or External flash.
Flashable from SD Card.
Solder-from-top design.
Firmware: Betaflight 4.x+
Designed by Dominic Clifton, the guy that created Cleanflight.

H7 ZERO FC Package Contents:

* All-In-One H7 ZERO with GYRO, OSD, Baro, 128MB Flash, MicroSD card socket, 2 buttons, 2-6S BEC.
* 4x Rubber Grommets

NOTE: Remember to add VTX and Camera cables if you want to use cables and connectors instead of solder pads.

NOTE: Ignore all cable colors as they vary, refer to the connection diagrams and manual.

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